Thursday, August 18, 2011

Deadly Sins in your Bathroom

In spite of having a lot of things to show you that concerns nails and hands, I always had in mind to make this blog not only about nails but about beauty in general (and maybe I'll add things once in a while about "brain beauty" as well). At first, I thought I would just throw in some products review here and there, but it's very easy to fall into a habit of "apply polish, take pics, upload pics, write articles" and if I don't set up a regular pattern for beauty products, I'll never do it. Yes, there is Minnie's Beauty page on Sundays, but while we do use some products in common, it's her page, her impressions, and I don't want to intrude (just replace her when she doesn't have time - no MBM this coming Sunday either, things should go back to normal next week)
So after a month of blogging, I introduce the Magic Recipe section. This will probably end up on Wednesdays, but I had no time for it yesterday, so this week, it's on Thursday. I will also probably make it an "only post of the day" thing: so far I've tried to publish one polish post per day (try and say that 1000 times? ;) ), but while I can do that when it's someone else doing the section of the day (Minnie or the Friends' Fridays, which should soon serve its original purpose of publishing pics from non-blogging friends), it's a lot of work to do two posts in a day, so when I talk beauty, I won't talk nails!
Damn, that's quite an introduction! So, I will launch this section with a funny and original tag I've taken from Teddy on Planète Beauté. I shall have to tell you more about Teddy one day, but this post is already very long, so straight to the tag: Your 7 beauty deadly sins.

OMG, I feel so ashamed, I've had to think so hard to find it!! But in the end, I've settled for my organic shea butter. It cost me 8 euros, which is not cheap per se, but for a 500g pot, that's quite a bargain, and mostly, I use it for so many things... Hair mask, foot moisturizer, one tablespoon in the bath to give you silk skin, one teaspoon in warm water to sink your hands in for hydratation, etc, etc

LUSH Volcano Foot Mask. Yes, once you successfully put it on (and look like a complete dork because your feet are wrapped in plastic bags - and yes of course, the postman has just rung), it's great, you feel the hot and cold and your feet are rejuvenated, but then you look at the floor around you, and see that there's as much Volcano everywhere as there is on your feet. This stuff is just impossible to apply!!! I don't know, imagine crumble dough, only drier, that you would try to apply evenly all over your feet, and you'll get a good idea... even if it were cheap, it would make me mad to waste so much, and it's LUSH, so it's NOT cheap!

No hesitation there: The alas discontinued Body Shop Raspberry Scrub. That thing looked like raspberry jam, smelled like raspberry jam, tasted... errr, no wait, I swear, I didn't taste it!! The raspberry line as a whole was just fantastic and I'm really bummed they stopped it!

Like many people I guess, face mask. It's not the problem of leaving it on, it's all you have to do before and after that's a bother. If it were just "apply and go for 10 or 20 min", it wouldn't be a problem. It bothers me less to walk around for 20 min with my freshly applied hairdye than to do a facemask...

My hairdye. Sounds silly right? I'm not really the kind of gal to say "oh, I love my eyes/nose/hands/which ever precise part of my body". Truth be told, taken separately, I often hate my body parts. My hands and feet and chubby and short, my nose is too big compared to everything else in my face that is small, small eyes, small lips, small ears, you get the idea... But I do like my hair (I won't say love, there are still things I don't like about it, but most of the time I don't care about the cons), and the day I adopted the blue black colour really made a change in my life. It started as a funny thing for Halloween and I've kept it for 7 years now. What's funny is that whenever I let too much time pass between two dyes, like 5 weeks instead of 4, I start finding myself ugly in the mirror, horrid skin, circles around the eyes and such. But as soon as the dye is done, I feel pretty (and that's a feeling I don't have often!!).

Meet Marco Hietala, God of Metal... and hair!!
Haha, this is gonna be a strange one: "clean" shave and haircare. Let me explain. I do have a thing for long-haired bearded guys. Heck, I'm both a medieval freak AND a metalhead. But there's nothing that's more of a turn-off for me than a scraggy beard and long unkept hair. I like guys who assume their personality and say "if I have a beard, I take care of it, if I have long hair, I take care of it". Quite often (at least in this country), guys who go for long hair and beard want to show how anti-conformist they are and almost take pride in looking like cavemen. I really cannot stand that. On the other hand, in Metalhead Heaven (aka Finland), all the guys I know feel no shame in saying they take care of their hair and trim/shave their beard, and they don't look less manly for it (quite the contrary!!). So yes to long hair and beard, but give 'em some love!!

Ha, tough one. While I had a hard time finding a real "cheap" product in my bathroom, I can't say I yearn for super expensive products. First because I've come to realise that my "expensive" label is quite low (I do think twice before putting more than 30 euros in one single product), and secondly because I'm not at all a client for "groundbreaking technology that costs an eye" products, like anti-ageing things and such. For me, the best anti-ageing product is taking care of your skin daily with cleaning and moisturizing, eating healthy and sleeping.
So after much thinking, the only product that comes to mind and makes me think "mmm, tempting, but way too expensive for what it is" is the body butter associated to my perfume, Annick Goutal's Mandragore. The 200ml pot is 74 euros (and after seeing Sephora's Body Butter at 16,5 euros for 470ml, it really seems crazily expensive), but knowing how much I love my perfume and how body lotions are usually too light for me...
Edited to add: I didn't do the "tagging other bloggers" part because I didn't think anyone would answer, but just in case, I tag every blogger reading this that dares reveal her list of sins!!

Bien que j'ai de nombreuses choses à vous montrer en termes de mains et d'ongles, j'ai toujours eu envie que ce blog parle de beauté en général (et j'ajouterai peut-être un jour des choses qui font la beauté de l'esprit). Au départ, je pensais que j'allais ajouter des revues de produits de temps en temps, mais il est très facile de tomber dans une routine d'articles sur les ongles et je sais que si je n'organise pas une rubrique beauté, je n'aborderai jamais le sujet. D'accord, il y a la rubrique de Minnie le dimanche, mais même si nous utilisons certains produits en commun, nous n'avons pas le même ressenti, et c'est sa colonne, je ne veux pas faire intrusion (je m'occupe juste des remplacements quand elle est débordée - d'ailleurs, pas de MBM ce dimanche non plus, ça devrait rentrer dans l'ordre la semaine prochaine).
Donc, après un mois d'existence de ce blog, je lance la rubrique des Recettes Magiques. Elle sera probablement installée le mercredi, mais hier je n'ai pas eu le temps. Contrairement à la MBM (et dans le futur, au Friends' Friday qui devraient bientôt voir apparaître du nouveau monde), le jour de la rubrique beauté n'aura pas d'articles sur les ongles, ça fait vraiment trop de boulot d'écrire moi-même deux articles sur la même journée! 
Damned, quelle introduction! J'inaugure cette rubrique par un tag amusant et original qui vient de Teddy, grand-maître de la Planète Beauté. Je vous reparlerai de Teddy, mais vu que j'ai déjà beaucoup blablaté (et c'est pas fini), place au tag: Les 7 Péchés Capitaux de la Beauté.